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Tim Look

Campus Pastor at City Impact Church Mt Wellington

Tim Look has been a big part of City Impact Church Mt Wellington ever since before it opened its doors in 2010. Now, as Mt Wellington Campus Pastor, together with his wife Janine, Tim heads up what has been one of New Zealand’s fastest growing church campuses.

“We get to witness Jesus dramatically changing lives again and again. There is such an energy, passion and hunger in our people for more of God.”


‘It felt really right’

Tim has been on staff at City Impact Church since 2001, serving first as the Outreach Ministry leader and then taking over Operations. Then, when City Impact Church Senior Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock first saw the Mt Wellington Church building, they asked Tim to go and check it out.

“Every time I went there, even before we secured the building, it felt really right. I remember walking through the doors one night and being struck with an overwhelming feeling that I would have a significant part to play at this campus.”

Peter Mortlock asked Tim to lead the charge on the refit of the building and then to lead the team that went from the North Shore Church to start Mt Wellington.

“I’d always been the type to do whatever was needed. I would often look at people who seemed to know their life’s purpose and wonder what mine was. But when the Mt Wellington Church came along, I knew this was what my life was meant to be about.”

A Solid Foundation

Growing up on the North Shore, Tim attended a small local church with his mother and brother which provided him with a solid base for his faith. But, as his friends entered adulthood, many started leaving church and going down a different track.

Then something happened that changed his life.

“My dad died in my last year of University. Suddenly, one of the main stabilising factors in my life was gone, and I felt I wasn’t anchored to anything. I started moving between my Christian and non-Christian friends, living in no man’s land.”


Overseas and alone

Tim then went overseas, travelling through the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

“I had a great time doing what many people want to do, but I still felt really lonely and empty on the inside.”

During this time, Tim felt God telling him to get his life right with Him.

“At first I ignored His voice but then there came like this final warning. I knew it was urgent and real. I knew I had to get my life sorted out.”

Three Things

Tim felt God tell him to do three things: “Go home, start giving 10% of your income to the church, and start going to a Pentecostal Church.”

“Coming home was easy and I started tithing to my home church. But I didn’t know how to go about the other thing.”

Tim started sneaking out at night to Pentecostal Churches until a family friend recommended what was then Bays Christian Fellowship.

“The first time I visited, I was absolutely freaked out! I didn’t understand everything but I knew I had to come back.”

During those early years God did a radical work in Tim’s life, challenging him in every area.

“Being filled with the Holy Spirit everything changed – my circumstances, my physical wellbeing and my attitudes. I had a new boldness and tenacity that had not been there before.”

Tim was so passionate about being in church that he even turned up to meetings he wasn’t invited to! Before long, Senior Pastor Bev Mortlock asked him to help on the sound desk and later he joined the worship ministry before joining staff.

Making a Difference

Today, Tim and Janine love ministering together at City Impact Church Mt Wellington, with their three children alongside them.

“We love the fact that we are helping to extend Pastor Peter and Bev’s vision. We love the people and the chance to help make a difference in their lives.”

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City Impact Church Mt Wellington

Our Mt Wellington Campus was launched in 2010 after a team of volunteers converted a car leasing building into a church facility over a three week period. Since then, the church has grown rapidly to welcome thousands of members and is seeing literally thousands getting saved. With a real family focus, this campus also offers a childcare centre onsite along with an incredible Sanctuary, cafe, offices and Kids Church space.

All are welcome to join us for one or more of our Sunday Services:

  • 8:30am: Chapel
  • 10:30am: Family Service
  • 6:30pm: Evening Service

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